I recently attended a large rock festival, and realized how the common event processes they were using were incredibly inefficient. Paper tickets that were simply ripped in half to confirm my arrival, colored wristbands to indicate which ticket I purchased, and cash-only policies to purchase a ticket at any of the ticket stands.


While the above process is the norm in today’s event management landscape, it’s not the best nor the most efficient process. How much of the cash people were paying at the event from all the various selling areas actually made it back to the managers? How did they know to a tee exactly how many people attended? How do they know who their guests werehow successful their event waswhich channels contributed to the highest sales, or how to market next year’s event?


The truth is you can’t know the answer to any of these questions when using a manual paper process like this. You can have a rough idea, but you’ll never truly know. The good news is there’s a way to capture this information while also running a more efficient (and more profitable) event, and that’s with a fully integrated platform.


What’s a fully integrated platform? Good question. It’s a digital system that manages every area of an event in one spot, including:

•  Selling tickets online via your website or event landing pages
•  Selling tickets from a mobile device on the street before the event or at the event, becoming a mobile box office that accepts both cash and credit purchases
•  Seeing every type of ticket that’s sold
•  Seeing every person that bought a ticket
•  Being able to check people in to the event by a simple tap or swipe
•  Getting access to all the data about your event in a simple, easy-to-read analytics dashboard

Having all of these features (and more) synced together in one system is what we call an integrated platform. It allows you to manage every aspect of your event from the palm of your hand. It takes the manual process out and replaces it with an automated, easy-to-use system that increases speed, decreases error, and ultimately enhances the performance of your event. And that’s exactly what we at Vēmos do for you.


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