There’s no denying the importance of guest lists. In today’s landscape, they’re a fully ingrained component of a nightclub’s daily operations. Not only do they help control the number of guests, but they also help ensure the right ratio and type of guests are coming through your door.


So if guestlists are such a critical aspect, why do we as an industry treat them as a basic task? Until recently, we hadn’t gotten to a point where guest lists can be used as critical data to propel stronger business decisions. And while technology has advanced to the point where a number of guestlist software applications have arisen, very few tie individual guest information back in a meaningful way. What’s worse is many clubs still operate with pen and paper, collecting little to no information while reducing the speed of the night.

Below are the benefits of integrating a more powerful guestlist system in your nightclub:


Collecting guest information

Most guestlists do the mere task of checking people in. Some provide information on guests; few handle cover charges through a point of sale system right on the spot. Using a guestlist system that does all of this not only increases efficiency, but also provides in-dept insight of your guests, such as demographics, frequency of visits, average group size, and total amount charged at the door.


Understanding guest habits

Going a step further from the previous point, a guestlist system that’s integrated with other technology in the club is able to collect an individual guest’s habits. What types of beverages do they order? How much do they spend once inside the club? Do they only come on big event nights; Friday nights; every weekend night? These answers help to narrow in on who your guests truly are and allow you to better market to them.


Upselling guests

With all the provided data, you’re able to make better, more educated decisions about individual guests. This means you’re able to more easily upsell your customers to come on nights they wouldn’t originally have intended, or to sell them on bottle service instead of simply attending. This is the type of activity that grows your club’s revenues while increasing customer experience – a win-win for all.