In today’s competitive hospitality market, it’s your employees that can give you the edge you need for success. After all, they’re your best brand ambassadors. Hire individuals that best represent your brand, have the network or skills to promote that brand, and possess the ability to excel at job functions. To get this success, follow these three steps and build your very own brand army.


Hire Until You Get It Right

Understand that building a team is an ongoing process. Make sure you identify the traits you are looking for in your team and don’t compromise. It’s best to get your team involved in the hiring process since good people tend to connect with other like minded individuals. If you know a member on your team is wrong, then act quickly. Always remember the old adage of “hire slow, fire fast.” There is nothing more detrimental to a team than someone who does not fit. Whatever the reason may be, you need to remove them quickly.


Give Them The Tools

It’s important to set each member of your team up for success. Provide your employees with all they need to succeed at their job function. Outfit them in branded swag to become walking representations of you, give them content to share on social media, and guide them on how to be effective. Let them share their experience with friends by inviting them to the party with perks, even on sold-out nights. Remember, they are more than just employees — they are an extension of your brand and your family. The better they look, the better you look.


Reward Them

Employees are likely to perform when they are incentivized for a job-well-done. The better you treat your employees and get them involved in the process, the more you will get from them. Listen to their needs and address them; after all, it’s often the small things that make the biggest difference to people. Simply giving someone an extra day off without them asking or throwing a company Christmas party will go a long way. A happy team is a productive team, and with their happiness they will promote your brand far beyond your expectations.

In hospitality, your number one asset is your staff. Make them a priority. By building the right team, providing them with the tools to succeed, and rewarding them, you can make brand ambassadors out of your employees and will see drastic results in production, work environment health, and revenue.