Today is an exciting day for us and our community. Today, we announce what’s been in the works for months: BookBottles is now Vēmos.

We started our journey as a VIP reservation management system, with which the name BookBottles was quite fitting. But through our journey, we’ve grown alongside our customers to offer a more comprehensive system. This growth is what’s allowed us to truly operate within our core passion: to allow events and nightlife venues to manage, understand, and grow their business from a single dashboard.

And so today we introduce Vēmos.

The name was inspired by our growth, through which we identified a deeper value in our company and a deeper purpose to improve our customers’ businesses. Abbreviated to stand for Venue and Event Management Operating System, the name also means “we see” in Spanish, an important piece to us with our belief that all events and venues should have access to see a complete picture of their business.

Today, we’re no longer merely a reservation system. We’ve grown into an operating system where our customers can manage all areas of their venue from one dashboard, see data that’s collected from these areas, and make data-driven decisions to grow their business year after year. That’s what allows you to see your complete picture. As we move forward with this vision, you will begin to see more third-party app integrations available within your dashboard so all your accounts can truly be connected.

Along with an updated name and logo, you’ll notice a sleeker design when you log into your web dashboard. Don’t worry — no functionality has been removed or compromised as a result. Our Android and iOS apps have also been updated, so make sure you download the most recent version.

As a final note, we want to thank all of you who have been along on our journey and have gotten us to where we are today. We are proud to walk alongside you and look forward to growing with you as Vēmos.