We’ve been hard at work to provide you with features that help improve your business. This past month, we released 2 big features to make your life even easier.


1. Event Locations

Sometimes you host events at different locations. And we’ll admit, it was a pain for you to deal with that in the past. So we fixed it.

Now you can add a different location name and address to each event while still using your one account. All event information will then be collected into your one analytics dashboard & CRM system for truly succinct data.


2. Pass More Information to Connected Accounts

Last month we released the new integrations feature so you could truly connect all your accounts in one dashboard (such as email platforms and mobile bidding systems). This month we upped the ante and added more ways for you to send information to the accounts of your choosing.

Go to Settings > Integrations in your Vēmos dashboard to start connecting everything and to pass along the information you want. Say goodbye to manual data entry and duplicate info in multiple products.


3. General Fixes and Improvements

We’re continuously searching for and squishing bugs around here so you always have the best experience. We made some minor tweaks and improvements to optimize a few areas. If you ever have any issues,

let us know

and we’ll solve it ASAP.


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