We’ve been hard at work to provide you with features that help improve your business. This past month, we released 2 big features to make your life even easier.

1. Ticket Questions

Add a question to any ticket for your event. Giving away shirts and need to know the shirt size? Ask away! What about choosing a dinner option for an event? We can do that, too. You can choose between a multiple choice or blank answer question type for your guests to answer while buying their ticket. This is managed under “Tickets” in your event.


2. Set a Cover Price Schedule

Now you can automate your cover prices by time — great for events and venues whose entrance price at the door changes based on certain times. You can set your schedule in Settings > Pricing in your Vēmos dashboard or on your iOS and Android devices. Prices will update as soon as that minute strikes.


3. General Fixes and Improvements

We’re continuously searching for and squishing bugs around here so you always have the best experience. We made some minor tweaks and improvements to optimize a few areas. If you ever have any issues, let us know and we’ll solve it ASAP.

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