Privacy is crucial. It’s what protects your guests, employees, and even important venue information. It’s the glue that holds everything together. Think about it: guests go to nightclubs where they can have fun but not be sold out; employees prefer to work at clubs where their information is private; and the best-run clubs know to keep their data confidential. When information is leaked, your club loses its status. And when you lose your status, you lose your best customers.

Here are four easy tips to ensure privacy across all areas of your venue:


1. Talk about the importance of privacy to your staff, and talk about it often

Have a privacy policy in place for all employees to understand (hint: you should have them sign it, too). Include any areas of your club where confidentiality is key. Also make sure everyone knows importance of treating your guests with respect and how a simple lapse in judgment could cost your venue a lot of money and potentially jobs.​​​


2. Monitor your staff’s social networks

In today’s world, spreading confidential information is as easy as a click of a button. Your staff should never share personal experiences or information about your guests on their personal social networks. Any sharing of guest experiences should be controlled and thought through clearly.


3. Make sure guest information is secure

While we promote the use of digital devices in your venue, we moreso promote secure devices. Use passcodes to access the device and set up login credentials to all your software. Staff members may be able to use software on their personal devices – this is okay as long as it’s verifiably secure. This means you need to ensure staff uses passcodes and only takes guest notes in a central place where you can control access. If these notes are stored in a non-secure place, it’s easily accessible by others and can be deadly to your venue if leaked.


4. Take high profile guests through a different entrance

These guests are big spenders in your venue and typically do not want to be bothered by other guests. By taking them through a separate entrance, less people know they are inside and your high-profile guests have a better, more private experience.


​Parag Shah is the director of Vēmos. Contact him at