Operational efficiency probably isn’t at the top of your mind. And I don’t blame you. The very sound if it is repulsive. But what if I told you improving your operations gives you more money in the bank? Are you more eager to listen up? Here’s how you can do exactly that, and it’s as simple as finding the right system.

The best system you can use to easily manage your venue is one that has all the features you need in one solution, like Vēmos. Imagine being able to manage your VIP table reservations, your guest list parties, your ticketing customers, and even your general admission guests all from the same app.


Now imagine how the night runs. Rather than using different systems (or perhaps no system) for each type of customer, you have one system for every type of customer. As guests walk in, you’re able to check them in and collect needed information about them regardless if they’re GA, guest list, or a reservation. Better yet, you can set up a line strategy to have different lines for each type of customer, such as:

•  A line for VIP guests
•  A line for customers on the guest list
•  A line for general admission

With this strategy, your lines are optimized to be as efficient as possible, and each staff member responsible for their given line can focus only on that customer segment. This ultimately provides a better experience for your guest and allows staff to provide better service. Not only that, but your door operations are now incredibly smooth and efficient, allowing you to check in more guests to get them spending money faster.

Now comes the fun part…tying it all together. When all of these features are used together in one system, you’re able to collect information about each guest and store your analytics to better understand your guests and your customers all in this one system. Want to see how your night performed? Log in to the analytics dashboard and all the information is presented right there. Want to see who your customers were that came in, and contact them? Done and done.

The best part is this information is collected doing a door process you would have already been doing, but now it’s done more efficiently to provide a better experience to money-spending guests while collecting data you need to drive better money-making business decisions. And that’s how operational efficiency can bring more money to your bank.


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